21 Choices reopens Old Pasadena store

21 Choices reopens Old Pasadena store

21 Choices has returned to Pasadena after a 10 month hiatus. An announcement was made on the company’s website.

After a lengthy closure and remodeling, frozen yogurt shop 21 Choices, located in Old Pasadena, has returned.

The announcement was made on the company’s website and on reddit.com

“WE. ARE. BACK!! After ten months we are finally back to serve you and couldn’t be happier!,” reads the web announcement.

On reddit, customers were ecstatic.

“It’s about time! It felt like they’ve been closed forever!,” said redditor robbb.

Another comment noted that the store did a soft reopening over the weekend and planned to be back in full swing Tuesday.

“I was there Sunday night. They’re currently doing a soft serve opening. 🙂 They don’t have a full menu yet– only the yogurts and a very limited, basic toppings. The girl who works there says they should have their full menu by Tuesday!”

The company’s Facebook page makes no mention of the reopening, but explains the 21 Choices philosophy.

“At 21 Choices we are all about serving you the best frozen yogurt you have ever tasted made from the most finest and deliciously freshest ingredients possible.”