Bradbury wants piece of Monrovia

Bradbury wants piece of Monrovia
Bradbury annexation parcels

Bradbury submitted an application to annex these parcels earlier in the year.

Bradbury might take a bite out of Monrovia, but City Manager Oliver Chi says it’s no big deal.

His office will submit a recommendation to City Council on Tuesday saying that Bradbury’s annexation of four land parcels in eastern Monrovia poses no negative impact, except $2,900 in lost tax revenue.

“Those parcels were likely always intended to be part of Bradbury,” Monrovia City Manager Oliver Chi said.

Bradbury submitted an application to annex the lots earlier this year. But the Local Agency Formation Commission for Los Angeles County, which regulates city incorporation, wanted Monrovia’s input before proceeding.

Public Works determined that no utilities conflicts would arise, but Monrovia would lose some tax revenue. Chi’s recommendation will stress that Monrovia should be reimbursed for this loss. Bradbury is open to discussions, Chi said.

Two of the parcels are already owned by the Bradbury Estates Association, a gated community that covers most of the town. The other two connect to residences in that community.

“Occasionally at the boundary lines, you do see situations like that. We’re just trying to clean that up right now,” Chi said.

The City Council will consider the matter on Tuesday. If Chu’s plan is approved, officials will likely submit a letter of support to the Formation Commission.


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