“Carmageddon” comes to Monrovia, via Foothill

“Carmageddon” comes to Monrovia, via Foothill

One of Monrovia’s largest thoroughfares slowed to a crawl this week in a construction event that City Manager Oliver Chi called “Carmageddon.” Foothill Boulevard has been reduced to only one lane in each direction while its entire length is repaved. Construction is projected to continue well into next week.

So much asphalt was poured onto Foothill Boulevard this week that according to Chi, procuring it led to several delays in construction. But Foothill’s renovation is an essential part of the city’s Monrovia Renewal project, which will see infrastructure restored across town.

Monrovia resident Jerry Duncan has lived on the corner of Foothill Boulevard and Sunset Avenue for 20 years. Although he was skeptical of the tax increases needed to fund Monrovia Renewal, he said the renovation was much-needed, and even extra traffic was worth it.

“There’s always traffic here,” he said. “I think Monrovia is a very well-managed city, and these projects are well-thought out.”

While the street was repaved this week, next week will see new stripping and surface markings installed. Parking will be restricted during road work, between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., on Foothill Boulevard from 5th Avenue to Mayflower Avenue and on Foothill Boulevard from Shamrock Avenue to Mountain Avenue

Monrovians can keep up with Monrovia Renewal through email updates from project’s official web page. Monrovia Renewal has been an investment of almost $10 million over the past year alone. 2,105 feet of damaged water pipelines have been replaced, along with 568 feet of damaged sewer pipelines 6,621 feet of sewage lining. 44 streets segments have been fully rebuilt, while 17 have been refinished along with 250,000 square feet of sidewalk repaired. And there’s more work to be done, with infrastructure projects predicted to continue until 2021.

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