Fire Department overhaul could equal insurance break

Fire Department overhaul could equal insurance break
brad dover

Monrovia Fire Department Chief is credited for instituting initiatives that could result in lower fire insurance rates for Monrovia residents.

Cheaper fire insurance could be in store for Monrovia property owners. City officials have been working to overhaul the fire department’s internal processes to improve its rating with the Insurance Services Office.

A rating improvement could result in premium reductions throughout Monrovia, officials said..

The Insurance Services Office collects and evaluates fire department data from throughout the United States. Based on those reviews, each fire department gets a rating from 1 to 10, with 1 being the best and 10 being the worst. The ratings are then used by insurance companies to determine fire insurance premiums for for property owners.

Monrovia’s evaluation in 2012 resulted in a Class 3 rating. If the Fire Department improves to Class 2, it could mean a premium reduction for homeowners of up to eight percent, based on results from other communities.

The improvements include updated training facilities, new fire inspection processes, technology upgrades, and improvements to Monrovia’s water system through the Monrovia Renewal project.

City Manager Oliver Chi said in a newsletter that Monrovia’s 10,000 residences and 2,000 business would benefit from any reduction in insurance premiums. He also identified Fire Chief Brad Dover as a key player in these overhauls.

“I know that our team is up to the task,” Chi said. “And we are looking forward to implementing the improvements that we have identified to enhance our Fire Department ISO rating.”

By Hugo Guzman, correspondent.