Hardin won’t quit Senior Commission post

Hardin won’t quit Senior Commission post

PASADENA — Pasadena Senior Commissioner Jason Hardin said he was asked to resign his post following a no-contest plea in a domestic violence case.

A colorful candidate for mayor in 2015, Hardin refused to submit a letter of resignation.

The City Council could force a resignation with a majority vote. The next council meeting is July 25.

Hardin said his situation is the result of a misunderstanding. He vowed to fight to keep his post.

“If someone wants to do this to me, let it be done on a public forum,” Hardin said. This development comes only a year after his appointment to Senior Commissioner post.

Hardin, who ran for mayor in 2015, was accused of domestic abuse by a former girlfriend in May. He said a lack of legal funds forced him to plead no contest in court. He was given three years probation, although he maintains his innocence.

Hardin said that Councilman Tyron Hampton told him that the council would probably vote unanimously to dismiss. Hampton confirmed that he had asked for a vote to be put on the agenda to remove Hardin from the senior commission, but declined to comment further.

Hardin said he has had a successful tenure on the Senior Commission and remains committed to improving neighborhoods in Pasadena. He has also taken to social media to defend himself, launching an online petition which he plans to present to the city council.


By Hugo Guzman

This post was updated to reflect Councilman Tyron Hampton’s response.

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