Hardin quits Pasadena commission

Hardin quits Pasadena commission
Jason Hardin

Colorful one-time candidate for Pasadena Mayor Jason Hardin will resign his post on the senior commission — photo via twitter.com

PASADENA — Jason Hardin, a colorful and outspoken one-time candidate for Pasadena Mayor, will resign his post on the city’s senior commission following his arrest and no contest plea in a misdemeanor domestic violence case.

In a one-sentence letter dated July 14, which is addressed to the “City of Pasadena,” Hardin said he would remain on the Senior Commission until a replacement is found. The matter is on the City Council’s agenda for Monday.

“I resign as Commissioner for the Senior Commission, however I am willing to stay until a replacement is appointed,” he wrote.

A resident of the Pasadena, the one-time candidate for mayor, has denied any wrongdoing. The resignation was time stamped and received at 2:05 p.m. Thursday in the city clerk’s office. Pasadena Now was first to report the filing.

On May 11, Hardin pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor charge of domestic battery with injury. Two additional misdemeanor charges of leveling criminal threats and resisting arrest, were dropped, officials said. He was ordered to attend alcoholics anonymous and a restraining order was issued.

Earlier this week Hardin wrote on Twitter “Taking a plea for something you didn’t do is one of the hardest decisions a person of color can make.”

He began a petition campaign seeking support for retaining his job on the city’s senior commission. Hardin had served just over a year in the post. The commissioner promised supporters that he would not bow to pressure to resign after the allegations of domestic abuse surfaced.

Police officials have also declined to comment on the case. Hardin, CEO & President at Hardway Enterprise LLC, was unavailable for comment, but posted on Facebook before submitting his resignation.

“I woke up today absolutely disgusted over what I’ve been put through,” he began. “I’ve never witnessed such an effort to put me through so much pain, and it’s really killing me inside.”