Kin Hui issues statement on parking lot assault

Singpoli CEO Kin Hui issued the following statement on Wednesday afternoon:

“On May 1, 2016 a man accosted my wife in a parking lot outside Full House Restaurant in Arcadia. When I intervened, the man, who is unknown to both of us, physically attacked me. His vicious attack was unprovoked.

“Several persons witnessed the incident. A police investigation resulted in the attacker’s arrest, the filing of charges and the prosecution of the attacker, who ultimately pleaded no contest in Superior Court.

“I am sickened that an online bully and perpetrator of fake news would turn what was a frightening event for my entire family into an excuse to re-victimize us with character assassination and attacks on my reputation.

“This can not be tolerated. I have been left with no alternative other than legal action if this false information is not immediately corrected. I will donate to my church any proceeds resulting from a judgement.”