Landmark Designation for Merritt House

Landmark Designation for Merritt House

PASADENA — The City Council voted to designate the house and garden at 380 West Green Street as a landmark on Monday night. Known as the Hulett C. Merritt Mansion, the house received landmark status after vocal support from Councilmember Tyron Hampton.

Many on the council were surprised to learn that the house wasn’t already designated a landmark. Tyron Hampton was particularly moved by the quest to designate the mansion and gardens as a landmark. He often toured the grounds with his family as a young boy, and also got married at the gardens.

“This is really exciting for me as a city council member to be able to make this a part of history for the city of Pasadena,” Hampton said. “I just have such an intimate connection to this building.”

Hampton put forward the motion to approve landmark designation, despite the house being in Councilmember Steve Madison’s district. Madison was more than happy to settle for seconding the motion, which passed unanimously.

The house, known as the Hulett C. Merritt Mansion, was originally constructed as a single-family dwelling by Hulett C. Merritt, a railroad tycoon and prominent Pasadena citizen. Property developer City Ventures now owns it. They argue that its unique architectural style and connection to one of Pasadena’s most renown citizens justifies landmark status.

The house has been altered in previous years, but its designation will put down clear guidelines for further work. The eventual plan is to sell the house as a dwelling again, according to City Ventures VP of Development Ben Besley. The city council commended City Ventures on its work to properly designate all appropriate properties under its ownership as landmarks.

For now, current architecture lovers can rest assured that the house and gardens will remain preserved for future generations to enjoy, just as Tyron Hampton did when he was younger. 


By Hugo Guzman

Managing Editor

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