Monrovia reaches out to veterans in two events

Monrovia reaches out to veterans in two events
difference day

In addition to Make a Difference Day, the Monrovia Public Library will launch a resource center for veterans.

The 26th annual Make a Difference Day event will take place on Oct. 22. The event runs from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and will kick off at Monrovia’s Library Park. Coordinated by the Volunteer Center of San Gabriel Valley, this year’s Make a Difference Day is dedicated to military veterans in the community.

The event this year will include over 25 projects, including:

  • Cleanup alleyway in Old Town Monrovia
  • Tree plantings at local parks
  • Cigarette butt clean-up at local parks
  • Food sorting (Hosted by Foothill Unity Center)
  • Church clean-up (Hosted by Bethel AME Methodist Church)
  • Monrovia High School baseball field improvements

More information can be found at the Volunteer Center of the San Gabriel Valley.

Make a Difference Day isn’t the only way Monrovia is honoring veterans. Monrovia will also soon open a Veteran’s Resource Center at the Monrovia Public Library. They are currently looking for volunteers. Those interested should get in touch with Mabel Cross, who can be reached via email at, or by phone at (626) 256-8294.  

The Library will train for all volunteers in connecting veterans with resources. Volunteer positions available include Veterans Benefits Coach, Oral History Interviewer, and Community Outreach Specialist.