Make Music Pasadena overcomes weather, wows crowds

By Hugo Guzman

Managing Editor, Foothill Advocate

PASADENA — Dreary weather couldn’t stop Pasadena’s annual music celebration as Make Music Pasadena, for its third consecutive year, brought great tunes to the people

Preparations began months ago, when organizers began a search for musicians to perform on 24 separate stages. Old Pasadena Management District’s Sarah Hilbert said that the focus in 2016 was on emerging Los Angeles area artists.

“We purposely curated an up-and-coming roster of L.A. bands,” Hilbert said. “All of us are music fans, and we really wanted to give bands we were hearing about and listening to a wider audience.”


Budget was also a major concern, but costs were offset thanks to support from the City of Pasadena and other sponsors. That support extended beyond just money. The City of Pasadena’s emergency responders and law enforcement officers worked hand-in-hand with event coordinators to ensure a safe and successful festival.

Private sponsors also shouldered some burden of performance stage costs. Pasadena’s Hotel Constance is one of many organizations in Pasadena that sponsored a main stage. The hotel’s participation has grown each year. For Hotel Constance, the music provided a solid platform to promote Perry’s, their award-winning restaurant. Hotel Constance sponsored the Pasadena Playhouse main stage, only a short walk from the hotel itself. Guests for the weekend included both music-lovers and artists alike.

Special Events and Media Manager Jann Robert Macatangay is certain that Hotel Constance will have an enduring presence at Make Music Pasadena.

Hilbert was even more positive. “This year we learned that Make Music Pasadena can still go on during drizzle,” said Hilbert “And that fans will turn out even when the weather doesn’t cooperate 100 percent.”

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