Monrovia maps 125 sidewalk miles

Monrovia maps 125 sidewalk miles

City officials have mapped all 125 miles of sidewalk in Monrovia as part of an effort to fix dangerous or hazardous sections.

Over the past year, Monrovia’s City Manager Oliver Chi has been working with Precision Concrete Cutting (PCC) to complete an assessment of the City’s pedestrian infrastructure to reduce trip hazards and other issues throughout the community.

“Staff from PCC have walked the entire sidewalk network throughout the City ,which includes around 125 miles of sidewalk!” Chi reported in his weekly newsletter. “The city now has created a comprehensive report of the condition of every sidewalk section in town that outlines any sidewalk areas that need to be removed and reconstructed, as well as any areas that PCC can repair utilizing their patented sidewalk cutting process.”

According to company officials, PCC utilizes a diamond-cutting technology to cut out lifts and imperfections that are up to 2 inches tall.  The process allows for the removal of trip hazards and other concerns without having to remove and replace whole sidewalk sections.

Chi said PCC’s method is efficient, creates minimal impact, and provides for cost savings of up to 84 percent the cost of removing and replacing concrete panels. PCC crews have recently completed work between Colorado Boulevard and I-210 and made more than 7,000 repairs along the way.

“As we move ahead with the overall Monrovia Renewal project, PCC crews are currently in the area defined as the Northwest Section of our project, which is the area bordered to the south by Colorado Boulevard, to the north by Hillcrest Boulevard, to the east by Myrtle Avenue, and to the west by the City border,” Chi said.

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