Monrovia previews water conservation plan

Monrovia previews water conservation plan
New Watering Rules

Monrovia city officials announced watering restrictions during the continued drought.

Monrovia city officials Thursday announced a water conservation plan that will take effect immediately.

Enforcement of the new rules, which include a 28 percent water conservation goal for Monrovia, will be phased in over the next 45 days.

“The good news is that Monrovians are doing more than their part to conserve water in the midst of our current drought,” officials noted in a press release issued Thursday. “As a community, we have been able to reduce our overall water usage levels by 34.5 percent in June 2015 when compared with June 2013.”

Beyond the 28 percent water conservation goal here are the plan’s elements:

  • Outdoor watering should be limited to about once per week or no more than every fourth day for a maximum of fifteen minutes per watering station or landscaped area before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. only; and
  • An enforcement plan that focuses on achieving water conservation primarily through the use of education and outreach.

Monrovia’s watering rules include:

  • No turf irrigation within 48 hours following measurable rain or during high winds.
  • All water leaks must be fixed within 48 hours of discovery.
  • Hoses should be equipped with a nozzle or quick relief shutoff valve.
  • No washing hard or paved surfaces with potable water except as is required for sanitary purposes.
  • No water shall be used to clean, fill, or maintain levels in decorative fountains, ponds, lakes or other similar aesthetic structures unless such water is part of a recirculating system.
  • No person shall permit or cause irrigation water to spray or flow to any impermeable private or public surface, including driveways, sidewalks, streets, or storm drains.

Officials cautioned violators could be fined up to $300 in a progressive enforcement plan that includes contact with city officials and fines for repeat offenders.

Residents who need to use water more water or have extenuating circumstances can apply for a variance from the City Manager’s office, officials said.

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