Pasadena considers styrofoam ban

Pasadena considers styrofoam ban

By Hugo Guzman

Managing Editor, Foothill Advocate

PASADENA — The City of Pasadena will consider a ban on styrofoam takeout containers offered in lieu of doggy bags at eateries in the city.

The proposed ordinance will get its first reading at the Pasadena City Council meeting on Monday, July 11th.

If passed, the ordinance will forbid food providers from selling or providing polystyrene containers alongside prepared food in Pasadena. City facilities and city-sponsored events will not be able to use polystyrene either, and the city may not purchase polystyrene.

In addition, products made of polystyrene and “not wholly encapsulated or encased within a more durable material” may not be sold in Pasadena, according to the proposed ordinance. This means many coolers will also be banned.

Many businesses use these styrofoam containers, such as China Express on Lake Ave. Although they did not comment on the ban, they will almost certainly be affected.

Food prepared or packaged outside the city will also be exempt, as will be emergency foods. Individuals will be allowed to bring food in polystyrene to city facilities provided the facilities are not being used for a city-sponsored event.

Parties can also apply for exemption in writing to the Department of Public Works. Exemptions will last one year, but can be renewed. Businesses will be encouraged to apply if compliance would cause undue hardship.

However, failure to comply will be considered a citable offense. The Director of the Department of Public Works will have the authority to inspect and ensure compliance.