Wilson best choice for Pasadena

Political contests in Pasadena can be blood sport. Rightfully so, there is a lot at stake in the Crown City, and little wiggle room for someone elected to the City Council to get it wrong.

That’s why the Foothill Advocate strongly endorses Andy Wilson in the District 7 runoff election scheduled for Tuesday.

We believe Wilson has the even temperament necessary to make difficult decisions. We also believe that his track record of honesty and transparency makes him the best-suited candidate for the job.

District 7, which includes some of Pasadena’s wealthiest neighborhoods and one of its most important retail corridors — South Lake Avenue — faces many issues including: the future of residential and commercial development; questions about historic preservation; traffic concerns; and the potential for rising crime as California’s streets continue to fill with former felons and career criminals taking advantage of lax sentencing under AB 109 and Prop 47.

Citywide, Pasadena struggles with many of the same concerns as well as a ballooning pension debt, growing homelessness, availability of affordable housing and a history of division between its wealthy and middle class neighborhoods.

The campaign, which began earlier this year, has been grueling and divisive. And, to some degree it has focused too much on style rather than substance. While we commend challenger Phil Hosp for service to our country, we believe he needs the political seasoning one could earn by volunteering to serve Pasadena as a member of one of its many committees and commissions.

We see Wilson as the candidate most capable of bringing Pasadena’s diverse interests together in the spirit of doing what is best for our community. We strongly endorse Andy Wilson in District 7.